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How Border Office Supplies & Systems Transformed a New School

In today’s digital age, educational institutions must seamlessly integrate physical resources and advanced technology to offer students the ultimate learning experience. Meet Border Office Supplies & Systems, your partner in creating the ideal environment for schools to succeed.

A Collaborative Vision

At its inception, Mercia Learning C.I.C., incorporating G.E.M. Hereford and MagiKats Hereford, faced the formidable challenge of building its physical and technological foundations from the ground up. This is where Border Office Supplies & Systems entered the picture, offering their expertise. Their holistic approach ensured that the school had everything it needed to embark on a successful journey.

Elevating the Learning Environment

Furniture Supply and Installation: Recognising the critical importance of an enabling learning space, Border Office Supplies & Systems provided a diverse range of ergonomic furniture, encompassing desks, chairs, and innovative storage solutions. These creations nurtured comfort and concentration for both students and staff, transforming classrooms into ideal learning environments.

Seamless Technology Integration

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: The backbone of any modern educational institution lies in its technological infrastructure. BOSS orchestrated the seamless integration of various technological components:

IT Infrastructure: The company handled the intricate task of setting up the school’s IT network, including cabling and WiFi installation, ensuring a reliable and high-speed connection throughout.

Firewall and Security: To protect sensitive data and provide a secure online environment, a robust firewall system was meticulously implemented.

Internet and Laptop Setup: High-speed internet access is paramount for research and online learning. Border Office Supplies & Systems ensured the school had a fast and stable internet connection, while also assisting in the setup of laptops for both students and faculty.

Meeting Educational Demands

Photocopier / Print Management: Photocopiers are essential business tools in education, especially during peak demand periods throughout the academic year when the constant distribution of documents to students and their guardians is vital.

Generosity Elevated

A pivotal moment in this partnership was the generous donation from Diageo (formally Chase Distillery), aimed at supporting the school’s technological needs. Border Office Supplies & Systems didn’t stop at mere acceptance; they took the initiative to upgrade the equipment and customise it to the school’s unique requirements. This remarkable commitment demonstrated their unwavering dedication to providing the best for the school’s future.

Guidance from the Experts

The school’s journey was further enriched by our highly trained engineers, who provided invaluable assistance in setting up the 365 email and Azure systems. This personalised attention underscored Border Office Supplies & Systems’ dedication to ensuring a smooth start on these platforms, enhancing the school’s overall efficiency.


In an era where education relies increasingly on technology, a school’s infrastructure plays a pivotal role in its success. BOSS showcased their commitment to educational excellence by helping this new school lay a solid foundation for growth. From furniture that fosters an optimal learning environment to cutting-edge technology integration and personalised support, their comprehensive approach exemplifies the potential for collaboration between the education and business sectors.
With the tools and systems now in place to thrive in the digital age, the school can confidently embark on its journey, ready to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.