Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud technology is enabling the future for all workspaces. BOSS can support all businesses as they continue their cloud journey or build their cloud-first strategy.
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Transforming Business

Cloud offers a range of excellent benefits which have made it the transformational technology it is today and moving forward the essential technology for organisations.

“Adoption of next-generation solutions are almost always ‘cloud-enhanced’ solutions, meaning they build on the strengths of a cloud platform to deliver digital business capabilities.”

– (Gartner, 2022)

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1) Driving Innovation

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Low Cost Access

Physical infrastructure is not needed as well as the operational and labour costs that are associated with on-site hardware. Cloud technology removes the financial obstacles for organisations with their digital transformation and as they continue to innovate. Sometimes businesses looking to invest in the latest technology with on-premise implementations find the upfront investment capital over budget. These clients can now benefit from accessing new capabilities through BOSS cloud delivery solutions.

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Low Risk Investment

Over recent years, cloud technology has reduced the risks associated with capital investment. The flexibility offered by a BOSS cloud solution gives scalability, allowing organisations to increase or decrease the technology used, therefore allowing budgets to be managed better.

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Innovating Staff

Cloud technology not only brings staff closer together, but also gives freedom to create prototypes, build apps, create new workflows and procedures.

2) Team Collaboration

Another key benefit of cloud-based solutions developed by BOSS is that they bring teams together, to increase the levels of internal and external collaborate on every project.

Do you currently use your internal workflows as inefficient and convoluted? Cloud based workflows support better efficiency by allowing processes to become more transparent.

Updates to a process made by a team member are captured and promoted to other team members instantly, enabling faster teamwork. BOSS research shows that online collaboration tools can improve team efficiency and employees to perform on a task 66% longer than those who are working on a project alone. The main reasons being that staff have access to information quicker, receive immediate feedback and can more easily manage documents and tasks.

3) Increasing Agility

Every business is looking to become more agile – it’s crucial for success in today’s ever-changing workplace. BOSS Cloud allows organisations to be more flexible by supporting both an office and remote working set up.

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Preparing for the New Office

As digital transformations and working environments develop, businesses need to consider how they will function day to day. At the heart of any business is information and how this will flow through the organisation. With on-premise solutions, it’s possible to fall back on traditional ways of storing and communicating information throughout the organisation. These procedures will unfortunately fail in a partially virtual workspace.

The business world is now facing the pressure of an accelerating digital transformation. As we see in most organisations, we all still rely on paperwork, printing and manual processes in some way, typically managing a balance of manual and digital ways of working in a hybrid workspace. These processes still need to be managed where organisations now have a distributed workforce. BOSS Cloud will play a crucial role in this evolution, enabling businesses to work in a more effective and dynamic way, not dependent on a physical location.

Global events since 2020 have had a major impact on the future of technology in the business world. We see more clients looking at more flexible technology models for their business, with a combination of on-site and remote working. In these new environments, information still must flow easily, otherwise collaboration and productivity is badly impacted.

Within the modern workplace, information cycles are already complex. Harnessing cloud delivered information management services gives organisations the tools to manage new business environments. Every solution and business differ in terms of remote and on-premises working, at BOSS we can support your unique journey towards digitisation, offering cloud delivered, on-premise and hybrid solutions. The goal with all our solutions is to maximise and build on current technology, taking new steps towards transformation.

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