Office Furniture

All our workspace designs utilise products from a range of leading furniture manufacturers. You may not be planning to refurbish your complete office or moving into new a location. With this in mind, BOSS can provide products for every requirement from replacing a single chair or desk. By offering a range of products we can deliver on time and on budget, with the view of forming a long-term working relationship as your chosen furniture partner.

Task Seating

BOSS Task Seating, where comfort, ergonomics, and productivity converge.  In today’s fast-paced work environment, the significance of well-designed seating cannot be overstated.  Office task seating goes beyond merely providing a place to sit; it plays a pivotal role in enhancing employee well-being, optimizing work performance, and contributing to the overall aesthetics of a workspace.  Whether you’re an employer striving to create a conducive work environment or an individual seeking the perfect chair to support your daily tasks, understanding the key aspects of office task seating is essential.  From ergonomic features that promote posture and comfort to innovative designs that blend seamlessly with modern office aesthetics, our range of office task seating offers a full range to cater to every need.


Our Office Desking range is where functionality meets aesthetics to shape the heart of any workspace.  In the dynamic landscape of modern work environments, the significance of a well-designed office desk goes far beyond a mere piece of furniture.  It stands as a cornerstone of productivity, a hub for creativity, and a canvas for organisation.  Whether you’re envisioning an open-plan collaborative space or a private corner for focused work, the right office desk can set the tone for efficiency and innovation.

Personal Storage

The importance of effective storage solutions cannot be overstated.  From keeping essential documents at your fingertips to maintaining a clutter-free workspace that fosters concentration and creativity, personal office storage plays a pivotal role.

Business Storage

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all storage solutions; today’s options are as diverse as the tasks they support.  Whether you’re seeking sleek minimalism or a balance between form and function, personal office storage offers a spectrum of designs and configurations to cater to your unique needs.  From traditional filing cabinets to modular shelving units and integrated digital solutions, the choices are vast and adaptable.

Collaboration Spaces

Our portfolio of collaboration spaces is where innovation, creativity, and teamwork flourish in dynamic environments designed to foster interaction and idea exchange.  In the contemporary landscape of work, collaboration has become a cornerstone of success.  Office collaboration spaces offer the physical manifestation of this shift, providing a diverse range of settings tailored to different modes of collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.

Today’s workplaces recognise the power of collaboration spaces to inspire new thinking, bridge gaps between departments, and encourage spontaneous interactions.  These spaces can encompass everything from cozy lounges that encourage casual conversation to state-of-the-art meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, enabling seamless virtual collaboration across the globe.

Meeting Rooms

Step into the world of meeting room furniture, where functionality, aesthetics, and collaboration converge to create spaces that empower effective communication and decision-making. In the modern business landscape, meetings have evolved beyond mere discussions—they are dynamic forums for idea exchange, strategy formulation, and relationship-building.  Meeting room furniture plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for productive interactions, reflecting the values of an organization and enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Refreshment Area

Welcome to the oasis of the workplace—the staff refreshment area—an inviting space where colleagues come together to rejuvenate, connect, and recharge.  In the bustling world of business, the importance of offering a dedicated area for relaxation and refreshment has grown significantly. The staff refreshment area transcends the traditional break room, evolving into a multifunctional space designed to enhance well-being, foster social interaction, and boost overall morale.

This haven of respite is more than just a spot to grab a quick snack; it’s a carefully curated environment that acknowledges the need for balance in the modern workday. Staff members can unwind, engage in casual conversations, or simply take a moment to reset their focus.  BOSS have a range of solutions that can support your staff in different ways.

Reception Solutions

The reception area has transformed from a mere waiting space into a strategic touchpoint that conveys your company’s identity, values, and professionalism.  Office reception solutions encompass a range of design elements, technologies, and experiences that together form a harmonious welcome for visitors and a reflection of your brand.


Office acoustics encompass the art and science of managing sound to ensure optimal comfort, productivity, and communication within the workspace.

The impact of noise levels on workplace performance is well-documented, and office acoustics offer a comprehensive approach to addressing this challenge.  From open-plan layouts to private meeting rooms, each space requires a tailored acoustic solution to mitigate disturbances and enhance the quality of interactions. These solutions go beyond soundproofing—they involve the strategic integration of materials, design elements, and technologies that together create a harmonious auditory environment.

BOSS would value the opportunity to work with you on this project and create your vision for the new office space. It is vital we exceed your expectations and with over 34 years’ experience within the Office Furniture industry see the following points as important to support your business:

1)Key UK & Global Manufacturers
2)Accreditations – FIRA & FSC Certified
3)Products – high recyclability & high recycled content
4)Low Carbon Footprint of all products
5)Extensive Warranty Periods
6)Finish & Fabric continuality
7)Project Manager
8)Fully Trained Installation Team
9)Full recycling of all packaging
10)Follow up reviews and advice

Process of Furniture Ordering

BOSS have over 30 years of experience in the supply and installation of new office furniture. There are several key steps to ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation of your office vision.

Assessment and Planning

Our expert team of designers assess your requirements and fully plan your office design.  Using the latest CAD software to give 2D and 3D office layouts.


Based on the office design BOSS will provide a full quotation which can include three options for budgets.  This can also include different finish and fabric options to be considered.

Order Placement

Once you are happy with your chosen solution – this might take several re-draws and designs, BOSS will place your order with our key partners.  A full order confirmation is then sent documenting finishes and fabric choices, estimated installation dates are also then provided.

Preparation and Co-ordination

A full installation plan is developed by the install team at BOSS.  Ensuring our team fully understand the steps needed to complete your install, from cleaning the space, understanding the floor plans and timeframe to complete.

Delivery and Logistics

Our team confirm convenient delivery dates and ensure everything arrives on schedule.  This also checks on-site requirements for unloading, parking, building entry and health & safety requirements.  DBS information of the installation team can be provided on request.


Once all items have been delivered into the new office space, the installation process beings.  Using a highly skilled team BOSS will assemble all furniture, cable management, storage and acoustics, which follows all manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols.

Quality Assurance

BOSS will inspect the installed solution to ensure that it meets the specified requirements and is free from any defects or damages.

Feedback, Evaluation and Post Installation Support

Our lead designer will gain feedback by visiting site after the completed installation. The successful ordering and installation of a new office solution require careful planning, effective communication, and meticulous attention to detail.  By following these steps and collaborating closely with your our clients, we can create a workspace that enhances productivity, comfort, and overall work experience for your employees.