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We have created BOSS Interiors to enable modern, flexible, efficient and cost-effective workplaces for your staff that will facilitate new working practices, improve service delivery and act as a catalyst for change. With a vision that your workspace will allow your team to develop, create and have the “me space”, tailored to the way they work best. As pace of change within the workspace shows no sign of abating, we have continued to evolve our solutions to reflect this.

“Here at BOSS we create solutions that set the stage for people to do amazing things. We inspire possibilities for people to change the world in a million different ways, big and small, local and global, every day.”

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What we do

  • We offer solutions for those who want to make their mark
  • On their own, together, in teams, or as organisations
  • Collaborators, innovators, and connectors
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Simple meeting room with wooden table and eight office chairs and plants in corners

What we Offer

  • Solutions for working individually or collaboratively
  • Solutions for spontaneity and flexibility
  • Solutions for training and meeting
  • Solutions for focusing and privacy
  • Products for home working
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There are a lot of experts involved in the design of office interiors, but who engages the people who use the office? BOSS utilise their knowledge of office design and invest time with you, your team and business to fully understand your vision and how efficient office design can improve your workplace productivity.

In years gone by, a “one size fits all” approach to office design might have been the norm. As the decades have progressed and gained pace throughout the pandemic, the options available to businesses to design “homes from home” for their office-based workforces.

So… How do People Want to Work?

81% of employees would prefer to be alone when speaking on the telephone.

Privacy remains of huge importance for all concerned – an issue that has been exacerbated as floorplans have become larger and divides broken down.

41% of people would prefer the option to change their working height.

Hot desking, mobile working and standing desks have become widely accepted by businesses to help with good posture. Breakout spaces with a domestic feel are fast becoming a common sight within the workplace.

71% of people prefer not to sit at a desk or meeting table when sharing ideas.

It is universally accepted that teams find better solutions faster than individuals. Harnessing collective knowledge and focusing it through collaboration is key to future success.

BOSS Want to Make Every Workplace a True Destination for its Staff & Visitors

BOSS Interiors creates a series of environments that are focused on the activity to be carried out. This gives individuals the freedom to migrate around the office utilising the furniture setting that is most relevant to the task being undertaken.

Throughout BOSS Interiors, we use a bespoke programme with five activity-based categories that help maximise the efficiency of any office environment. The planning system breaks the workspace down into a grid, and allows any client to build their office using the key strategic areas:

White icon of a workspace with a white outline


Personal space for day-to-day activities that entail individual or small group working. Designed for tasks that require moderate to high levels of concentration.


Informal meeting space where ideas can be exchanged and developed. They offer both formal and informal settings to connect with colleagues in planned, spontaneous or remote ways.

Image of a presentation being taken place, a few people communication. In what outline.


Formal spaces for presentations and important meetings. Spaces that enable non- disruptive access for visitors and associates, as well as areas to participate in learning, events and social activities.

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Spaces for shared resources and storage.

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Creative spaces that inspire and encourage lateral thinking. Spaces that allow people to step away from work, relax and disconnect. They are designed to further support employee wellbeing and create a sense of community.

It’s by no means a precise science, but BOSS Interiors is a very clear and clever way to help people understand exactly how we can make their offices as efficient and productive as possible.

Our Interiors Approach