The BOSS Office

Work has changed. Most offices haven’t. The BOSS Office is a high-performing workplace that delivers an elevated experience of work for people, and helps organisations achieve their strategic goals.

The role of the workplace is currently being discussed in more detail and depth than ever before…

As well as playing a functional part, furniture can affect our daily mood and behaviour. Meaning specific pieces can reduce distraction or increase focus and stimulate our creativity.

Over the last few years our lives have been transformed and our working patterns have changed. This has highlighted the importance of having the right furniture to work at — whether that’s a desk or a sofa.

Every workplace is largely defined by the furniture that’s within it. Is it still fit for purpose? Does it suit the way you work? Does it suit the cultural shift in attitude towards flexible or hybrid working?

The role of the workplace, more than ever, is about having a space to collaborate, discuss ideas, stimulate creativity, learn and socialise.

Is it the place that champions social interaction? Is it the place that reflects new working routines and cultures?

Light meeting room with large table and 8 grey chairs on either side surrounded by presenting boards and decor

The Best Space Prioritised for Individuals

  • Work space not disturbed by access points
  • Refreshment connected to main space near collaboration
  • Natural light maximised
  • Great views maximised
  • Intuitive access to casual spaces

Office design has developed. The BOSS design team have advanced. Products have innovated.

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The office design in 2017 was introduced to maximise the space with individual workstations. Staff wanted a dedicated area they could call their own. Personal storage had to be close by with breakout areas not seen and some would say not required.
Lay out of the office, BOSS in sectors

Agility is needed in every office. Staff now expect this.

We used five principles of the BOSS design to demonstrate how a new office layout can be achieved:

Basic icon outline of laptop in white


Personal spaces for day-to-day activities that entail individual or small group working. Designed for tasks that require moderate to high levels of concentration.

Basic icon outline of speech bubbles in white


Informal meeting spaces where ideas can be exchanged and developed. They offer both formal and informal settings to connect with colleagues in planned, spontaneous or remote ways.

Basic icon outline of presentation board in white


Formal spaces for presentations and important meetings. Spaces that enable non-disruptive access for visitors and associates. This is also an area to participate in learning, events and social activities.

Basic icon outline of folder in white


Spaces for shared resources and storage.

Basic icon outline of mug / cup in white


Creative spaces that inspire and encourage lateral thinking. Spaces that allow people to step away from work, relax and disconnect. They are designed to support employee wellbeing and create a sense of community.

The New Office Design:

Supports Hybrid Working

Designed as a neighbourhood to support the team, with new furniture settings that give variety and choice.

Benefit to Individual

Staff are trusted to find the most suitable setting to complete a task, rather than being bound to sitting at a desk, regardless of the task.

Benefit to Organisation

Furniture settings that support new working practices, improve service delivery and act as a catalyst for change.

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Key Facts to Consider:

Lay out of the BOSS office in a primary circulation

Primary Circulation

Mapping out the primary walkway allows wayfinding key access points with convenience and ease such as:

  • Core / entrance / exit
  • Toilets
  • Canteen
  • Refreshment points
  • Meeting rooms
Supports Hybrid Working

Easier for staff to orientate around building and space.

Benefit to Individual

More efficient use of time and less disturbance to others.

Benefit to Organisation

Efficient use of space and gives greater flexibility.


To remain relevant, office space needs to be designed and furnished in a way that allows office workers to access a variety of furniture settings and locations. The same is true for the space we use to learn and socialise.

A major part in the new office design is technology and power and how they play a vital role in staff interaction and performance. Our IT team work alongside our design team to ensure that your workspace is maximised. We understand the significance the correct office design holds in supporting your digital transformation.

Supports Hybrid Working

Connectivity integrated with furniture design supports the widening range of devices in all furniture settings, enabling smarter technology.

Benefit to Individual

Convenient connectivity located in the setting you are working in.

Benefit to Organisation

No wasted time looking for power points or transformers.

Simple meeting room with wooden table and eight office chairs and plants in corners
In-Table Power Module
Closeup of pastel green armchair with wooden armrest with charging point, phone and two notepads
Quiet Working Connectivity
Bright light blue sofa in office lounge workspace with plants either side
Soft Seating Integrated Power
All designs are flexible, allowing office spaces to be reconfigured to reinvigorate the office.

Our homes are important investments, both financially and emotionally. It’s essential to give the same level of attention to our offices.

It’s time to change our mindset when it comes to office spaces. Instead of prioritising cost and efficiency, we need to start considering the value of creating a positive experience for staff.

Very large open office with a range of blue, purple, pink and red chairs and different desks. Few shelves with plants on

It’s a given – organisations are missing out on collaboration and creation.

It’s a given – some employees like working from home, for some of their tasks, for some of the time.

It’s now a given – the office has to support all employees, for all their tasks, all the time.