Network Management

Network management is a complex area, but can be broken down into two main areas. The first is the process of configuring, monitoring and managing the performance of any network. Secondly, we concentrate on the platform used to complete ongoing business tasks.
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Complete Protection – For All Your Staff, Everywhere They Need it

With BOSS IT Services, we can deploy network solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. This gives consistent security regardless of where data resides, how your staff connect to data / applications or how organisations shift across the network.

  • Unified networking and security simplify deployment and support
  • Integrated endpoint security to support hybrid workforces
  • Centralised management and broad reporting and analytics

Designed to Maximise Simplicity and Growth

Ever changing workplace and technological advancements cannot be an excuse for sub-par technology when it comes to network management and security. BOSS’ IT team can provide the correct security for your business within budget to ensure maximum protection.

  • Tailor sized solutions for your business with turnkey integration
  • The performance you need today with scale and capability for tomorrow
  • Real security trusted around the world

Deep integration and automation built from the same underlying code can help any business become proactive, not reactive when it comes to network management.

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Secure Office Networking

Get the speed and protection you need with firewalls, switches, and wireless across the network and into the cloud.

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Endpoint & Remote User Protection

Protect users remotely and in the office with endpoint security, VPN, MFA, and integrated network and endpoint protection.

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Secure Cloud Applications & Email

Gain insight and reduce risk across O365, SaaS applications, and email security.

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Real Security to Stop Real Attacks

Consolidate security across web, content, and devices with coordinated, proactive threat intelligence.