Increased productivity, improved health and wellbeing and greater levels of employee satisfaction are all benefits of an effective workplace strategy. Whether you’re looking at an existing or brand-new space – our BOSS Interiors team will work with you to develop a solution that suits your business. Each workplace is different, from your people and culture to your processes and outputs. This is why we work collaboratively with you to understand your business, and to design a workspace that captures the culture, work needs, and colleague requirements of your business.
White office desks with white office chairs and computers in a rustic minimal brick office setting

Workplace Design

We have created BOSS Interiors to enable modern, flexible, efficient and cost-effective workplaces for your staff that will facilitate new working practices, improve service delivery and act as a catalyst for change. With a vision that your workspace will allow your team to develop, create and have the “me space”, tailored to the way they work best.

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Multiple desk mounted black monitors in work office

Design Solutions

Our in-house experienced Design Studio team is passionate about bringing your vision to reality. At BOSS we believe that good design of workspaces is best achieved by the close understanding of a client’s vision, the efficient use of space and the challenge to communicate our ideas in a format that can allow easy understanding. The design stage starts with you. Understanding your requirements and what you need in your new environment to support your staff. Throughout the design process, our team create 2D and 3D designs combined with interiors colour schemes, fabrics, finishes and detailed product guides.

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Office Furniture

All our workspace designs utilise products from a range of leading furniture manufacturers. You may not be planning to refurbish your complete office or moving into new a location. With this in mind, BOSS can provide products for every requirement from replacing a single chair or desk. By offering a range of products we can deliver on time and on budget, with the view of forming a long-term working relationship as your chosen furniture partner.

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Modern colourful office with sofa, desks, tables and shelves

The BOSS Office

Through the office industry there are many phrases used to describe the new office, ‘Living Office’, ‘Social Office’ ‘Inspired Spaces’ and ‘Relationship Buildings’. Using our research and experience we have connected all of these ideas and created ‘The BOSS Office’.

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Large variety of office chairs on podiums

Office Chairs

At BOSS, we’re dedicated to helping you create the perfect office environment that enhances your team’s performance and well-being. Explore our collection of office chairs and discover how we can revolutionise your office’s interior with stylish, comfortable, and functional seating solutions.

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