IT Support

BOSS’ leading IT technical team ensure your team is supported if they are working in the office or remotely. Protecting your data, systems, staff, and business is a vital requirement for all our managed IT clients.

Dedicated Service Desk

Our internal dedicated IT service desk offers you a team of highly trained Microsoft Engineers based in our UK offices. This team can assist with all IT matters, including supporting your on-site IT team if required. The dedicated team are made up of technology experts and have the ability to support customers across multiple channels including telephone, email, customer portal and Microsoft Teams chat.

The Benefits

1) Proactive maintenance and monitoring of all your business applications

2) Flexible and customised support packages tailored to your specific needs

3) Experienced IT support team

4) Reduced IT costs and increased productivity

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“Our customised IT support packages and IT support contracts are available for all types of businesses with no lengthy contract tie-in. Engage with us on a monthly rolling basis and receive flexible and affordable IT support services”
– Themis Hemley (IT Director)

Support Tools

BOSS utilise the latest software available to support all clients. This includes leading brands such as TeamViewer and Ninja RMM.

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Well-functioning IT infrastructure is essential for all our clients when it comes to efficient workflows. Businesses relay several different tasks, orders and projects to be completed on time which is only possible when hardware and software run smoothly. Therefore, the correct monitoring and regular maintenance of IT systems is one of the main priorities of any managed service provider.

In order to complete tasks, BOSS utilise TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a reliable tool for us at BOSS, distinguished by the highest security standards in the industry. Moreover, all accounts are protected with a password and two-factor authentication to ensure that no unauthorised access is possible.

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Ninja RMM

BOSS rely on NinjaOne to fully support our clients with the following four keys areas:

1. Unify device management

Monitor, support, and control all your devices, servers, virtual machines, and networking devices from a single easy-to-use interface.

2. Reliably patch everything

Get full visibility into your patch compliance posture and automatically patch your entire fleet of Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints with complete reliability.

3. Drive efficiency from day one

Quick to implement, NinjaOne gives our technical team a full overview of your devices, allowing issues to be pinpointed and resolved sooner.

4. Get the support you deserve

Research shows that when a client deploys NinjaOne, support tickets are resolved quicker, but more importantly uptime of your systems is higher – this is down to the patch management the system offers.

Flexible SLAs

We understand that each client’s needs and solutions must be tailored to suit their unique daily workflows. This means that our Service Level Agreements need to work around you, and your business objectives.

With 35 years’ of experience in the industry, our business has been built on honesty, transparency, clarity and customer service – our SLAs meet all these points.

Our team will work with you to fully understand your business and objectives, underpinned on the knowledge that your IT support should grow with your business. Expanding your IT strategy as your digital transformation journey continues is vital, but without the right support in place, investments in hardware, software and other IT Services cannot yield the results your business deserves.

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