Over the past five years, businesses have continued their digital transformation journey, with many implementing a full or hybrid cloud model to reap the benefits of the latest technological advancements. Despite this, hardware technology remains a crucial component for businesses.

The Latest Technology

BOSS partner with leading global manufacturers to bring the latest technology to customers on time and within their budget. For any hardware investment, it’s important to ensure the correct solution is procured. Our highly trained account management team are always able to offer advice on the best technology for your business.

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Relentless innovation, trusted quality, purposeful design

Featuring first-to-market technology that works smarter for you, ThinkPad delivers reliability you can count on. All devices are MIL-SPEC tested against extreme conditions.


Industry-leading desktop innovation

ThinkCentre desktop has been engineered to accommodate the reality of office spaces reducing in size. The innovative designs include the phone-sized Nano, the industry-first 1L Tiny and Tiny-in-one, traditional tower PCs, and all-in-ones. These PCs deliver superior performance, lifecycle stability and robust security.

Microsoft Surface

Experience the power of a laptop in tablet form

Combining the portability of a tablet with the capability of a laptop, the Microsoft Surface allows full flexibility with no reduction in performance. Effortlessly perform tasks, wherever you like.

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Video Conferencing

Bringing Your Teams Together

Working together to foster inclusive meeting experiences for people and teams is vital, no matter the location of the office and your staff or clients. Through the Microsoft Ecosystem, applications can be used to offer great collaboration areas. These applications can be enhanced by Microsoft Team Rooms Hardware. Simple to use, easy to manage and seamlessly connected hybrid workplaces for everyone.

Solutions for Every Space

From personal offices to boardrooms, BOSS help teams work wherever and however they want by delivering a better hybrid meeting experience. Our flexible solutions let you choose between Teams Rooms on Windows or Android, and switch as your needs evolve.

Personal Office
Focus Room
Brainstorm Area
Think Tank Area
The Boardroom
Training Area

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Server Technology

Server technology still splays a large part in our customer’s infrastructure. Whether they host their own data or applications alongside Cloud solutions. There are a range of sizes available, from mini-towers to rack capable platforms. Our PowerEdge servers offer the performance versatility and quiet operations that are ideal for small, large, and remote offices.

Lay out of the BOSS office in a primary circulation
Manage Expenses

Stay within your budget by leveraging servers that keep you in step with the latest technology.

Reduce Complexity

Simplify your IT infrastructure with servers that are easy to use and manage.

Keep Your Data Safe

Protect your data with cyber-resilient architecture, featuring security built into every step of the server lifecycle.

Above is a snapshot of the day-to-day hardware we supply our customers. Contact us today to discuss your hardware requirements. Through our global supply partners, we can provide the correct solution for your business.