Managed Print Services (MPS)

Our MPS combines industry leading technology and services to securely manage your print, copy and scan workflow infrastructure across any office or home-office location, supporting a client’s digital transformation.
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Creating an optimised, secure and sustainable print, copy and scan environment with award winning solutions from BOSS will improve efficiency and reduce costs throughout all organisations. Utilising BOSS’ hybrid workplace solutions, we are able to support working between home and office environments through one single contract – enabling efficient and productive ways of working anywhere, anytime.

“50% of information technology decision makers, rank managed print services as one of their top 3 investment priorities”


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Our Approach

With BOSS Managed Print Services (MPS), we use our industry expertise to ensure you benefit from increased security, faster print processes, more efficient workflows, sustainability, and lower expenditure in the shortest possible time.

Advances in technology over recent years means the ‘one solution fits all’ is no longer possible. Every organisation is different, partly due to being at very different stages in their digital transformations. That’s why, as part of BOSS’ Managed Print Services, our in-house workflow specialists spend time fully understanding your business, IT infrastructure, staff and requirements. The outcome is a bespoke solution tailored to your business.

BOSS deploy a simple five-step process to optimise your print, copy and scan environment.

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1. Consult

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2. Design

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3. Transition & Implementation

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4. Manage Support

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5. Review & Further Advice

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Benefits of MPS

BOSS Managed Print Services help you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase data security and enhance your client’s experience.

  1. Drive Productivity – improve time and cost efficiency with increased functionality and visibility into document solution workflows.
  2. Strengthen Data Security – Maintain robust security infrastructure and compliance standards to ensure your data, print and client information is only accessed by authorised personnel.
  3. Improve Team Productivity – enable your team to access leading print, copy and scan technology while in the office or working remotely.
  4. Enhance Client Experience – with high quality print and innovative applications from the leading global manufacturer in the MPS industry, your message will be communicated more effectively and on time.
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Trust BOSS’ technical team for your crucial print technology. This advanced technology enhances digital performance within your business, making you the focal point of all our efforts.

Maintaining your photocopiers, printers and MFPs is critical for team productivity. With our comprehensive managed print services, we guarantee exceptional service across all aspects of our offerings. Our team of in-house expert engineers will provide your organisation with outstanding on-site service that will be delivered rapidly and ensure no downtime occurs.

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Organisations seeking the ultimate print performance choose Konica Minolta due to their industry benchmarks. Their devices, including photocopiers, printers, and multi-functional printers, provide revolutionary color image quality, remarkably fast output speeds, exceptional reliability, user-friendly operation, and professional-grade inline finishing options.

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Print Infrastructure: A Gap In Security?

Businesses work hard to protect their data against security breaches that could lead to reputational, legal or financial losses. They deploy various security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software and other security technologies to secure their network, email system, cloud services and mobiles devices.

But what about your printers?

It is often the case that when users print, copy or scan a document they are entrusting business critical, confidential or sensitive information to their organisation’s print infrastructure.

Rating of IT Risks That May Lead to Security Breaches*
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69% Public Cloud Services

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66% Print Infrastructure

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62% Network

Mobile phone icon

58% Mobile Devices

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57% Email

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Training is a vital part of any technology implementation. While advanced hardware and software are simple and intuitive to use for printing, copying and scanning, we see real benefits when clients have been fully trained. This ensures your staff are getting the most out of the chosen solution. As part of all MPS training, we can provide a range of in-person and online training. Training can cover all areas from basic MFD functions to advanced functions. Whether utilising our standard training programmes or a bespoke plan, you can have confidence knowing all your staff will understand how to use your new technology.

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Print Review

Our Print Audit Review is a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s printing and copying practices, including the technology they utilise. It is designed to identify areas where organisations can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimise their document processes.

A print review will give a clear understanding of an organisation’s current printing practices, which includes information on equipment usage, print volumes and their related costs. It will also uncover when an organisation is overspending or where there is an opportunity to reduce costs.

Based on the findings of your print audit, recommendations will be made for any changes to your printing practices, policies or equipment. This could include implementing new technology or processes.

To conclude, a print audit review is a valuable tool for any organisation looking to optimise their printing environment. Our free print audit reports and recommendations save our customers an average of 35% on their current print spend.

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Our Partners

BOSS partner with Konica Minolta who are a market leader in print, copy, scan hardware, smart data and digital services. Partnering with Konica Minolta allows BOSS to transform digital business operations, workplace technology and IT infrastructures to meet the changing needs of customers of all sizes, across departments and industry sectors – both private and public. A partnership that allows BOSS to provide solutions to create the Intelligent Connected Workplace.

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