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BOSS are a premier destination for high-quality educational stationery in the United Kingdom. As the proud distributor for Rhino Exercise Books, we are dedicated to providing schools, educators, and students with exceptional tools for effective learning.
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Rhino Exercise Books

BOSS understand the importance of reliable and durable educational materials, and Rhino Exercise Books perfectly embody these principles. Renowned for their superior quality, these exercise books are designed to withstand the rigors of classroom use while offering a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.

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Rhino’s factory has achieved FSC® (FSC – C092742) and PEFC Certifications; credible assurance that they are sourcing materials from sustainably managed forests and adhere to best practice throughout the production process and supply chain.

They print with water-based and solvent-free ink to ensure that no harmful chemicals impact their supply chain or the end user.

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Rhino Exercise Books are 100% recyclable and they’re on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics. In 2020, Rhino replaced plastic shrink-wrap on their exercise books with a sustainable paper banding, making the wrapping recyclable and helping them eliminate over 60 tonnes of single-use plastic per year!

For school projects, old exercise book covers can be used for crafting, or the inners can be used as compost by tearing into small pieces and placing around plants and seedlings to help them grow (as a natural plant-based resource, the ingredients in paper add nutrients and moisture to the soil).

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Lifetime Warranty

Rhino Stationery products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

We work closely with teachers and students to ensure our RHINO educational products support learning for all ages across the curriculum.

Designed fit-for purpose and made from quality materials, our promise to you is that a Rhino product will stand the test of time, from the very first to the very last page. If it has not lasted its expected lifetime, when used under normal circumstances, we’ll replace the product free of charge.

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Save the Rhinos

Rhino have been working with Save the Rhino International for more than a decade, and 2021 marked a very special year as they celebrated a milestone donation of £100,000; investing in conservation projects to help save and protect this endangered species.

Since 2006, the Save the Rhino logo has been printed on the back of every Rhino Exercise Book; with the aim of raising awareness amongst teachers and children.

Save the Rhino International is a charity that works to protect all five species of rhino across Africa and Asia; their vision is a world where all five species thrive in the wild.

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The Range

  • 25gsm 100% recycled manilla covers
  • 2-3 staples depending on size
  • 75gsm scholastic education-standard inners
  • PEFC-certified paper from European mills
  • Bleed-resistant means you can write on both sides
  • Solvent-free inks

Cornell Ruling Exercise Books

This is a new ruling launched in 2022.

Cornell note taking was originally designed for older students to help them condense and organise notes with larger side and bottom margins. Particularly useful at exam time, such as SATs / GCSE to aid revision with keywords, formulae, quotes, dates and summaries made in the margins.

Now taking off in Primary Schools, Key stage 1 and 2 teachers love the bigger margin spaces as an area for them to provide feedback to pupils and also as an area for pupils to make corrections and write their learnings and record target progress.

Pastel coloured tinted paper on wooden surface

Tinted Paper Refill

The gentle tint provided by Rhino’s paper and exercise books can significantly alleviate reading challenges for those with dyslexia and Irlen syndrome. This specialised tint helps reduce visual stress and discomfort experienced by individuals with these conditions, making it easier for them to engage with written content.