Microsoft Copilot

Meet your everyday AI companion for work and life.

AI for Everything you do

Work smarter, be more productive, boost creativity, and stay connected to the people and things in your life with Copilot – an AI companion that works everywhere you do and intelligently adapts to your needs.

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For Work

Shape the Future of your Business with Copilot

Work more productively, boost efficiency, and improve business outcomes with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Review What’s Most Important

Copilot in Teams will help you run more effective meetings, get up to speed on the conversation, organise key discussion points, and summarise key actions so that the entire group knows what to do next.

Using Outlook with Copilot

Clear your Inbox in Minutes

Copilot in Outlook will help you draft emails, summarise threads, and catch up on important conversations. With Copilot, you’ll spend less time on email management, and have more time for the things that matter.

Uplevel your Writing Journey

Copilot in Word will write, edit, summarise, give suggestions, and create right alongside you. Create first drafts, add content to existing documents, summarise text, and rewrite sections—or even entire documents—to make them more concise.

Using Excel spreadsheets with Copilot

Streamline Business Decisions

Copilot in Excel will help you analyse and explore your data so you can make the best decisions. Get help identifying trends, propose what-if scenarios, and get suggestions for improving your business.

Using PowerPoint with Copilot

Turn your Inspiration into Stunning Presentations

Copilot in PowerPoint will turn existing Word documents into presentations, create new presentations from simple prompts or outlines, or find the best places for impactful imagery – and help you leave audiences dazzled with skillful storytelling.

Enhance Every Role with AI

Transform productivity for everyone – from sales and customer service representatives to IT pros and devs.

Using Copilot on Microsoft Outlook


Empower sellers to save time, make meaningful connections, and personalise customer engagements.

Using Copilot for quick chat with customers


Help agents resolve cases faster with AI-enhanced contact centers.

Security with Copilot


Amplify your security team’s impact and efficiency with generative AI security.

Developing code with Copilot


Get AI-generated code suggestions in dozens of languages—in real-time, right in your code editor.

Get in Touch with BOSS
For Life

Your Everyday AI Companion

Copilot empowers you with smarter ways to be more productive, creative, and connected to the people and things that matter to you.

Getting answers from Copilot
Search, Chat, Answer, Shop

Get Smarter, More Personalised Answers

Find just what you’re looking for. Get relevant answers to your questions. And shop online knowing you’ve gotten the best deal.

Using Copilot to write emails
Get Things Done

Power your Productivity

Get answers to your questions, inspiration for your projects, and solutions for your to-do list.

Being creative with Copilot
Endless Inspiration

Unlock your Creativity

Transform your ideas effortlessly. Creating beautiful images and polished drafts is easy and fun.

Supercharge your Experiences

Whatever you’re into – browsing the web, searching for answers, exploring your creative potential, or coming up with more useful content, Copilot can help you uncover new possibilities.

Bing with Copilot

Your AI-powered Search

Get helpful, summarised answers. Turn your inspiration into amazing, original images. And get help with writing whenever you want. It’s all here with Copilot in Bing. Just ask!

Microsoft Edge with Copilot

Your AI-powered Browser

Explore AI-powered features built right into Edge. With smarter browsing in Edge, you can find, create, and do beyond what you ever thought possible.

Windows with Copilot

Bring the Power of AI to your Desktop

Discover all the smart ways you can power your everyday with Copilot in Windows. Enhance creativity, streamline tasks, and stay focused. Launch the easy-to-use tools with a keystroke or set them aside when you don’t need help.

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