IT Support – Case Studies


Hereford Group Training
BOSS met with Hereford Group Training in May 2011. Our brief was provide a cost effective solution  to an organisation that needed to invest heavily in new server and infrastructure equipment and create a cohesive and realistic program of upgrade to student and staff PC’s and Laptops.
After sitting down with the chief executive and heads of department we came up with a “wish list” of what the Association would like to get out of its IT installation and identified key problems with the current installation. Firstly, we identified and replaced areas of the network that were causing “bottlenecks” in the flow of data, speeding up the network within the confines of the equipment already on it.
Secondly, we proposed a multi-server solution that provided the Association with their Wish List and enough processing power and room for expansion to be able to grow with the Association without having to go through this expensive capital expenditure again.
Finally, we proposed a schedule of upgrade of PC and laptop equipment, prioritising users and equipment to be replaced. The installation took place over a number of weeks at minimal disruption to the Association. Now we have regular monthly meetings with the IT committee, providing help and feedback as they grow and expand into new areas.


Disaster Recovery
Company A (name withheld)
Company A were subject to a malicious Ransomware attack. A user opened an infected email which started a chain reaction of files on the user’s computer and then across the network being encrypted. A message on the files instructed to pay a ransom for the encryption key.
Once notified we attended site and immediately isolated the network to stop further spread of the Malware. Given the level of infection it was decided to wipe the system in its entirety and start again.
All servers were “hypervised” so the backups taken were not just of the company data. The entire system is backed up on a nightly basis meaning that we can restore usernames, user privileges and access, emails, data, active directory information, the entire server and its settings. This backup is sent off site so cannot be infected by this type of attack.
A date to restore from was decided (the day before) and the Virtual server re-installed onto the freshly wiped equipment. All systems were up and running from a completely encrypted network within four hours with minimal to no data loss.


“We recently had an incident with a Zepto virus entering our network through accidentally opening an infected email attachment. Files started to disappear from our network and were replaced with Zepto files and ‘Helpme’ files, which contained, essentially, a ransom note. We contacted Border Office and delivered the bad news. They were on site within minutes. The server was removed from use and, thanks to the Altaro backup system they had recommended, they were able to restore our servers to the good state they had been in earlier in the day, with almost no data loss. The Altaro backup software, together with Border Office’s knowledge and fast action, saved our company tens of thousands of pounds in lost time alone”

“Boss has supplied stationery and furniture to the Association for many years. This year after much consideration we transferred all our IT service and support contract to them. Understanding our business and developments is a key priority for them to ensure that their advice is pertinent and up-to-date.

Julian Lane have developed an excellent understanding of our business and IT needs now and for the future. They have advised us on improved configurations of our existing equipment and the purchase of new which is allowing us to operate more professionally and efficiently. All Boss members of staff assigned to HGTA are professional and helpful and

easy to contact due to their Hereford location. In these days of cost-cutting, I regularly test the market for all our professional services. I have no hesitation in recommending BOSS on a quality, cost and added-value basis”

“In the beginning I only considered Border Office Supplies & Service as a supplier of office stationery. After a short while I was also ordering desks, chairs and other office furnishings. This was closely followed by first leasing and then purchasing a photo copier / printing and scanning solution. I now find myself going to them for all things IT. Not only do they support my entire windows network solution, backup facilities and everyday computer management but they also go out of their way to provide us with competitive pricing for IT hardware that is second to none. Learn from my mistakes and don’t always go for the ‘box shifting’ cheaper IT provider, the few extra pounds you may spend with BOSS as a local, independent provider will be the best money you have spent. I have tried the rest and have spent a long time looking for a reliable local provider that offers great value for money and a high level of return across all areas of our business, I am now satisfied that the search is over”

“It was a huge decision for us to move to a new IT provide as IT is critical to our business, we run both an SBS server and Sequel Server, BOSS have proven that they have the expertise, desire and understanding to undertake this work. We look forward to a working closely with them for years to come.”

“Boss has supported us from early 2011. In this period they have successfully installed two copiers and three new servers together with other IT related equipment.  We are delighted with the service and support we are receiving from the team at BOSS and would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses seeking similar IT and Administration systems support”