Endpoint Exploit Prevention

Block Ransomware with the Power of Intercept X
The protection capabilities of Intercept X are now available to Endpoint
Protection deployments managing their endpoint policy in Sophos Enterprise
Console. Stop malware, prevent exploit vulnerabilities and get a deep clean on
any potentially hidden malware using the Endpoint Exploit Prevention add-on.

Stop ransomware before it takes hold
The proven CryptoGuard capabilities in Sophos Intercept X are now being used in Endpoint
Exploit Prevention. The technology blocks ransomware as soon as it attempts to encrypt
your files, returning your data to its original state.
Brings the protection technology of Intercept X to
Enterprise console-managed endpoints
Protects endpoints from ransomware attacks
Automatically rolls back encrypted file changes
Stops both local disk and remote file-share encryption
Exploit technique mitigations
Our anti-exploit technology stops threats before they become an issue by recognising
and blocking common malware delivery techniques. This process protects your endpoints
from exploit kits and malicious payloads looking to exploit both known and unknown
software vulnerabilities.
Advanced threat removal
Removing malware is no longer just a case of quarantine and delete. If malware is
detected on an endpoint, how do you know what the malware did to your machine before
it was stopped? Sophos Clean technology is used within Endpoint Exploit Prevention to
detect the remains of malware and perform a deep system clean. The technology records
forensic-level audit logging, tracking every change and cleaning the hidden malware.

Managed by Sophos Enterprise Console
Endpoint Exploit Prevention requires no new agent deployment for existing Sophos
Endpoint Protection customers who are using Enterprise Console. The addition of the
license unlocks new policy capabilities and automatically deploys agent components.
Looking for Root Cause Analysis attack visualisations, in addition to protection? Switch to
Intercept X and manage your endpoints from Sophos Central, our cloud-based platform.

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