About Us


Border Office Supplies & Systems

offers a broad range of office products designed to meet the needs of today’s changing workplace. BOSS recognise that communication is the main advantage when our customers are looking for office supplies. From A4 copier paper through the whole range of office supplies, our aim is to give you value for money.

BOSS  have aligned ourselves with several key suppliers to take advantage of any market fluctuation in office supplies and aim to offer the highest levels of service and support,  and to get products and services to you when you want them.

We support the local community and work hard to be regarded as a model employer. We understand that without customers we would not have a company. We constantly strive to improve our offering to you.

The key element is to understand what the customer requires and to evolve our business so that it supports those requirements in the most cost effective methods. If this means radically changing the business and the way we operate – so be it.

Our Directors


Brian Jones

Brian looks after logistics and the IT and Solution Support Teams.  Brian is aware that we need to perform to retain customer business and ensures our support team operate to an optimum schedule. Brian is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


Bruce Budge

Bruce heads the purchasing and supplies division. Bruce liaises with our suppliers to ensure we remain competitive and at the forefront of where BOSS need to be in the marketplace. Bruce is also our “Green” champion and is committed to ensuring we hit our targets for our ISO14001 Environmental accreditation.


John Cook

John oversees the entire sales team from field sales to internal telesales.  John is passionate about service.  His mission is to ensure our customers receive service levels beyond their expectations.  John’s forte is interiors and he offers invaluable advice on large tenders and furniture projects to our customers.